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Executive Producer/Director/Director of Photography

Early in his career, Jim Schlosser followed his ambitions to Hollywood, gaining valuable insight into the various production models on display in Los Angeles. Working the sets as SAG/AFTRA talent was an education that no other institution could offer. Returning to Northern California, he turned his focus to behind the camera, polishing his skills at one of the nation’s top educational establishments for television. A product of the exceptional broadcast department at San Francisco State University, Jim Schlosser has produced and directed over 750 segments for a variety of outlets, including ESPN, NBC, CBS, Outdoor Life Network (Versus Network, now NBC Sports), and the FINE LIVNG TV Network.

Since 1990, as Executive Producer, Producer, Director, and AP, he has been responsible for 17 different series totaling more than 300 individual shows, and has earned numerous awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. These series have included titles such as Wavefarer, Taste For Adventure, The Great Outdoors with Tom Stienstra, REI Great Adventures, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Float Trip and Sport Diver Magazine.

Over the years, Schlosser has successfully taken crews to 17 different countries and nearly every state across the US. Each production has come with its own set of challenges. Wavefarer alone accounted for more than 40 episodes, each requiring extensive boat-to-boat videography logistics. Float Trip added the risk of navigating Class 5+ rivers. Adventure Outfitting and Gear Guide consisted mainly of interiors, but required extensive blocking and lighting schemes. On a two-month field production in New Zealand, at the America’s Cup challenge series sailing regatta, Schlosser shot and produced twenty-five adventure packages that were rolled in during the extensive live race coverage. In 2003 and 2004, at the Tour de France, Jim’s duties were similar, but with a demanding timeline of staying a day ahead of the race, producing – shooting – editing packages within 24 hours and then moving on to the next village. A production in Vietnam, covering the Raid Gauloises Adventure Race, ‘pushed the limits’ across miles of remote, dense jungle. Covering a three-week rafting trip on one of the five most difficult rivers in the world, the Rio Futaleufu in Northern Patagonia, required a solo journey with all the equipment on five planes, a four-hour van ride, and a ‘yak-drawn cart’, just to reach the location, with the most uncertain leg being a flight over perilous Cape Horn. Foresight and creativity in all cases were requirements, not options.

Though the focus of the past 20-plus years has been on EFP/ENG styles of production,

Jim Schlosser has extensive studio experience, including the producing and directing of a live, multi-camera, 13-part series, Marin Mt. Biker. Moreover, his experience in front of the camera, performing to industry standards, has made it that much easier for those performing for him. Combining the worlds from both sides of the camera has afforded him a balanced foundation and made him a well-rounded leader – one who takes pride in displaying integrity, humility and passion, complimenting crews both past and present.

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